Sunday, May 28, 2017

thorns and a bit of a break

after i transplanted it yesterday the carolina horsenerttle looked a bit root shocked ( top photo )...this morning it looks a bit peppier and the thorns are put in full force ( second through fourth )...we will be careful around this one...the chinese yam has suffered a broken vine ( fifth ) i found the missing piece ( sixth ) on the ground this worries...down towards the base of the stem a new vine has sprouted ( seventh )...the plants grow multiple vines s i doubt this was in response to the break, however, a new vine would have appeared...the seventeen leaves on the original vine ( eighth as an example ) will continue to energize the plant...along with whatever energy might be left in an underground tuber ( i will not be digging around for those until fall...the set tubers is an excavation, not just a dig )...they are resourceful and resilient...the plabt will be fine and the trellis will fill...over in the ramp beds the leaves are dying back and the plants that intend to flower ( ten so far ) are investing their energy there...i am, as always, hopeful of many seeds...we will see.

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