Tuesday, May 30, 2017

robust bed

took a run out to the community garden after work to have a look around and i am okay with what i found...the zea mays parvaglumis ( top photo ) that survived is thriving and i have a few more seeds germinating in an effort to provide it with some company...the rock mulch seems to be holding moisture for the plant and i dressed it with some compost last time out...the potatoes are just fine ( second ) and growing well..no leaves on the new ones i planted last week...they will come along...the relentless jerusalem artichokes ( third ) are moving their season along...they have almost subsumed the walking onion ( fourth ) however the winter rye is still keeping ahead of them ( fifth and sixth )...down the row the asparagus has pretty much past the harvesting season...( seventh ) it has "ferned" out and is now flowering ( eighth )...hoping to see berries eventually...with reproduction the new focus there won't be any new spears until autumn...just in time for season's end.

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