Saturday, May 13, 2017

community additions

events in the community garden tell me the season is moving bed ( top photo ) is slowly beginning to fill...the jerusalem artichoke colony ( second ) will be over a foot tall by month's end while two yukon gold spuds ( third and fourth ) and another red potato ( fifth) have joined the three reds ( sixth) already booming along...the one egyptian walking onion in there ( seventh ) has begun to develop the aerial bulb ( eighth ) that will allow it to "walk" as the weight bends the stem down and the bulb roots at a distance from the parent plant...above ground colonization using bulbs rather than stolons...down the row the asparagus is doing just fine ( ninth ) and has already begun to flower ( tenth and eleventh )...acquiring some viable asparagus seed from this stand would be a bonus..i have a bed in my back yard i would like to seed...the plants continue to produce new spears ( twelfth through fourteenth ) a sign of a happy, heal;thy root system...finally i have some teosinte seed that has germinated (fifteenth and sixteenth ) so i planted a couple in my the aggressive type jerusalem artichokes are it will ,if it succeeds, still give them some competition for "tallest plant" honors at the end of the season.

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