Saturday, May 13, 2017

"unimproved" primitive cultivar

i received my government spuds back in april and among the varieties were two of the "unimproved" ( in other words not artificially selected for marketable traits...they are not crossbred with other varieties...they are as the evolved naturally ) primitive cultivars, yema de i suspected ( i have planted these before ) they were already chitting when they arrived ( "unimproved" you eat them or plant long term [not that there is any real long term storage method for spuds]is not an option ) i planted them immediately...i was concerned at the viability of the small one ( it could not have been more than 3/8" in diameter ) however i put it in a peat pot in the basement...the larger one sprouted and grew quickly ( "unimproved" means they are a wild potato...rather than a stand up sort of plant grown from a clone )...the samll one i was pleasantly surprised to find it was indeed a viable tuber when i looked in on it this morning and found a i cleaned out a container...added fresh garden soil and compost...and planted the both of them together...they are in charge of their season now...we'll see what they do with it.

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