Saturday, May 6, 2017

garden satus quo

there's always movement in the garden...just sometimes it's slow...and the cold, breezy weather we have enjoyed lately seems to have stalled things a bit...another asparagus plant toppled i staked another asparagus plant up ( first and second photos )...there is new growth in the bed ( third and fourth ) however there is nothing of a size that warrants i dressed the bed in compost ( fifth ) to feed the hungry roots....down the row the colony of jerusalem artichokes is still a bit short ( sixth )...they should be a foot tall by month's end...they are not quiet however...they keep expanding pout of their half of the bed to the extent that , once again, i took a shovel to them as a control measure...there are still only the three red potatoes up on the other side ( eighth through eleventh )...still waiting on the slow yukon golds and the solo all bed along there is some very robust garlic going on ( last photo )...a clean-up event is scheduled for monday afternoon...see you there.

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