Tuesday, May 2, 2017

cool it!

may is starting off much cooler than say march or april...however the allium don't seem to mind it..the ramps are doing very well in the new bed on the north side while on the south the egyptian walking onions are beginning to develop the aerial bulbs that will make them "walk" ( third through fifth photos ) as the grow and weigh down the ends of the leaves...the jerusalem artichokes are doing just fine ( sixth )..there were potatoes cohabiting with the sunchokes last year and when i harvested them i must have missed a few tubers ( well one, at least, anyway) because this evening i found a volunteer spud...there is supposed to be a three year rotation on potato beds to lessen the build up of pests and diseases...i am, however, inclined to let the spud run free since, among other things, it serves as an index of the perennial nature of the potato..and, while i do like to grow grasses ( some of which are perennials like intermediate wheat grass and eastern gamagrass ), perennials always hold my interest.

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