Sunday, May 7, 2017


there was a frost advisory here last night and into this morning...the temperature didn't dip low enough though and there was no frost...the last average frost date for this area is still eight days away...the unnaturally warm weather in march and april had lulled me into something of a complacent view...the cold weather crops like the allium, Ramps ( second photo ) and egyptian walking onions ( third ) as well as the jerusalem artichokes ( fourth) would be unphased by a is true that i planted some insistent spuds last month ( fifth ) that might need to be covered if a real possibility of frost occurs ...with the renewed threat of frost impinged on consciousness by the cool early may i have been more cautious...the government spuds in a box in my room are beginning to chit...but not to the extent that an immediate planting is necessary ( sixth through ninth )...they should be good until past the frost date...and the teosinte seeds i started last sunday are coming along...the zea mays parvaglumis ( tenth and eleventh ) as well as the notrthern tephuan ( twelfth and thirteenth ) are developing roots and shoots and should not be insisting on being planted for another week or so...just about timed correctly even though i hadn't been concerned about it when i started...sometimes serendipity is involved...right Jean?

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