Monday, May 8, 2017

clean up!

today was clean up day at the iuncg in preparation for, what i am told, several "planting days"...i took photos of the beds when i was there last saturday and you can see by the "after" photos that progress was made...the beds are ready 9 although they will be turned at least one more time before planting...two if it can be squeaked in )..the soil seems to be in good shape...some of the beds were fallow last season and we found many worms as we turned the bed...always a good sign of healthy soil...there were multiple volunteers at the garden, some of whom i did not get photos of ( sorry...i was focused on the beds mostly )...that is Dawn weeding a garlic bed, the friendly representative of the department of communications who came to take some "official" photos...and Ellen who is responsible for the garden's existence...we did well...the beds are ready...the season is up nest...stop by...join in...stay tuned.

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