Tuesday, May 9, 2017

planting teosinte

some of the teosinte seeds i soaked in hydrogen peroxide ion the last day of april have come far along enough to go in the ground...and "some" is accurate..of the dozen norther tepehuan teosinte seeds i soaked, three germinated ( first photo )...i suppose a 25% germination rate on five year old seed is fair viability...still...would have liked more...i planted those three in a bed in my back yard i have been digging since march to disrupt anything that might interfere with a good start for the grasses ( second through fifth ) the fresher zea mays parvaglumis seed i purchased last autumn had a much higher germination rate ( sixth)...altogether i planted six of those...double the northern tepehuan population and put there st back in the baggie...they were not far enough along to plant and i have other plans for them anyway...there may be no maize in the community garden...there will be an ancestor though.

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