Thursday, May 11, 2017

zea news and other movement

the zea mays pavaglumisd i planted two days ago is showing clear signs of zea-ness...a reddish-purple base on the stem topped by green...soon enough we are going to see some true leaves that seriously resemble young maize..i may find some heirloom variety 9 say hopi blue ) to plant as a morphological comparison...further back in the yard my second year asparagus has "ferned" nicely and there is a second spear on the way...good news...the roots are strong enough to support a second spear which will supply the roots with more energy...a positive feedback loop...finally the last photo is one that should chill all but the most foolhardy of rained heavily here last night and this jerusalem artichoke seems to have bobbed to the surface, tuber and all...i am partial to i put it in a container populated by "weeds" will win the battle.

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