Saturday, May 13, 2017

mashua and teosinte

the teosinte germinants (top photo ) have moved along well so i took a few out back and planyed them in the beds with the ones i planted earlier in the week...long roots and well developed stems (second and third ) told me it was time for them to go in...i will be taking a couple to the university to put in my bed at the community garden just to keep them guessing...while i was out there i decided it was time to get the mashua out of the vegetable crisper and into the soil...i prepared a bed by turning in compost ( mashua loves a lot of organic matter...there will be side dressing with compost all season...probably a trellis too ) and hacking back the creeping charlie...the mashua blanco tubers are a bit over two inches long so i planted them two inches deep (sixth and seventh ) the bogota market tubers ( last photo ) were a bit shorter..about an inch and a they went in a bit shallower...mashua and nasturtiums are cousins and a nasturtium bloom and a mashua tuber have similar tastes...last season i learned that the cousins do not cohabit well...the nasturtiums choked out the mashua...i will not be giving them the opportunity this season...i will grow nasturtiums...but in separate containers on the other side of the yard.

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