Saturday, May 20, 2017


the surviving teosinte plant in my bed is doing well ( first photo ) has rained here the past two days so the rock mulch was not a factor in that i don't think...however i am not about to abandon the idea...the old mulch was did the job effectively...however it may have been a bit plebian for a university i procured some slick river rock, removed the old mulch ( second photo ) and replaced it ( third ) expanding its area somewhat...i brought along a replacement that i had ensconced in a peat pot ( fourth ) earlier in the week because it was not going to survive in a paper towel much longer..i planted it (fifth) and provided it with another classy mulch ( sixth )...the seventh photo is of the all blue potato i planted last month that has finally decided to join the community so all nine i have planted so far are accounted for..the jerusalem artichokes are gaining verticality (eighth ) and i threw in an egyptian walking onion ( ninth ) as a comparison...both the onion and the helianthus are better than a foot tall now...over in the asparagus bed the plants with the best blooms had fallen over (tenth) so i staked them up...i would really like to get dome viable seed from these plants this season so i want to conserve them...all the asparagus now has some form of support ( eleventh )...finally a close up of an asparagus spear that is preparing to "fern"...more food for an already gigantic root system.

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