Tuesday, May 16, 2017

around the yard

just a short jaunt around the back yard as i watered after work this evening...the zea mays parvaglumis ( first two photos ) continues to leaf well while the northern tepehuan teosinte ( third and fourth ) also shows definite signs of leaves...so far so good on the teosinte...the ramps ( fifth ) are starting to die back more noticeably...however the good news is i have found four that are getting ready to flower ( sixth and seventh as representatives )...so...hopefully...more seed to scatter around..there are now thirty eight potato plants ( eighth as yet another rep ) up and running out there which will do well in a few months for lunch...the ninth photo ( pardon my fingers..it is breezy...they would not be still ) are a couple of ears of winter rye just emerging...and...while speaking of emerging...the last two are of volunteer pacific bluestem wheat...there are always surprises out there...
as an adenda...it was very warm for mid may here again today...off to campus to check on the rock mulched teosinte there tomorrow...stay tuned.

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