Sunday, May 14, 2017

spuds, ramps, and a shot of zea

clearly i missed some tubers last year since i now have ten volunteer potatoes in the jerusalem artichoke bed ( first two photos )...there are some deliberately placed ones out there ( third through fifth ) and while i was rooting around in the bins in the plant room checking for problems ( no more blackleg rot to far ) i found a dark red and a yukon gold ( sixth and seventh respectively) that seemed about ready so i put them out in containers ( eighth )...i planted four elmer's blue spuds as well so there are now thirty-eight in the ground including the volunteers with more to is mid may and the ramps are beginning to die back ( ninth) i will be looking for plants that want to flower soon...hoping for more seed to share and spread around the yard just to see what happens...the plant in the tenth photo tells me we will be seeing corny looking leaves very soon as the teosinte greens up...finally the last photo is a spike of rhubarb seeds...lots of them...both plants are producing an extravagant is lamentable i don't like rhubarb in any of its mutations...this could be the mother lode for someone...i will take a pass.

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