Thursday, May 25, 2017


no matter how early or late it is in the season i can always find movement...which isn't surprising since life is movement and mutability...some plants out there are moving towards their "adult' selves...the nasturtium in the first photo and the bogota market mashua in the second are showing a family resemblance that will increase with time..the larger red seedless grape vine has latched onto the trellis with a second tendril ( third and fourth )...that is gratifying after last season's debacle...the lone asparagus plant is prospering well enough to afford a second spear ( fifth )...about three inches tall will "fern" soon...both the northern tepehuan tesointe ( sixth ) and zea mays parvaglumis ( seventh ) have produced a fourth leaf...big news in the zea world...the winter rye ( eighth and ninth ) is coming along well...and there are multiple ears of wheat ( tenth and eleventh ) around the periphery of the yard that promise hours of threshing and winnowing fun...finally the last photo shows that for some of the very early starters changes are coming that mark, not an end, but a shift in the cycle...the leaves on the ramp plant in the last photo are clearly dying back leaving the stem for a bloom shifted from production to reproduction...hoping for many seeds.

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