Saturday, June 24, 2017

second planting

four days ago i brought in the first spuds ( top photo )from my bed at the garden...the reds did very well so i decided to put in more spuds for a fall harvest...there was nothing in the back side of the asparagus bed but biomass( second ) so i cleared it ( third ) and dug a hole ( fourth ) threw in a handful of compost ( fifth ) planted a tuber ( sixth ) and filled the hole ( seventh )...repeated that five more times, alternating elmer's blues and butterballs, in a row out of the shade of the asparagus and the bed is in use...i filled in the space i had emptied in my bed with some single german butterballs (eighth ) and i dug two trenched for the rest of the blues ( ninth and tenth )...september sometime should see the butterballs done...the blues will go on until i pull them or the frosts come.

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