Monday, June 5, 2017

a variety of plants and places

i ran out to the community garden after work to water the teosinte mostly...the soil was dry and the well established one was showing some leaf curl from transpiration ( first photo ) of the replacement plants is till visible ( second ) but not leafing and the other has failed completely...there may be a solitary plant there this season...interestingly in the next bed over one of the carolina horsenettles has flowered ( third and fourth ) clearly showing its membership in the solanum ( and so nightshade ) would be interesting to see if it fruits and what they might look like...the jerusalem artichokes are up to my waist..a good sign...the back yard meanwhile has alfalfa blooming ( fifth and sixth ) while the northern tepehuan teosinte ( seventh ) is looking distinctly corny...there is new growth on one of the wild strawberries ( eighth ) and finally the chinese yam's new vines have finally become large enough to be photogenic ( ninth through twelfth ) including one that is just about to latch onto the tomato cage around the pepper plant...there will be more.

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