Monday, June 12, 2017

abundant warmth

the second week of june is dry and is feeling a lot like the latter stages of july or early august...which has me wondering just exactly what are those particular months going to be the moment we will leave that aside but it will need to be addressed at some point...the heat has not deterred growth ...the chines yams ( second photo ) are going berserk and the new growth on Jean's wild strawberries ( third and fourth ) is impressive..the alfalfa is blooming ( fifth ) for the alfalfa leaf cutter bees ( well timed even if it is me saying it )..up in the front potato patch there are clear signs of blooms to come ( sixth ) while in the back patch the blooms have arrived ( seventh through ninth )...the pacific bluestem wheat ( tenth ) is doing well fro volunteer wheat, however i am much more geeked by the emmer wheat ( eleventh and twelfth ) of the earliest wheat domesticates it has been around for ten thousand years or so...ancient dna in my yard...the bogota market and mashua blanca ( thirteenth and fourteenth )seem unfazed by the temperature...they may be acclimated and the corn ancestors zea mays parvaglumis ( fifteenth ) and norethern tepehuan teosinte ( sixteenth ) are at home in the heat just like their can watch them grow...we'll see if it stays hot and dry and we irrigate or if the rainy spring gives way to a wet will all come out eventually.

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