Tuesday, June 20, 2017

corn sweat, asparagus, and an onion on the last day of spring

transpiration ( first photo ) was going on when i got tot he garden...corn sweat...the leaves on the teosinte had curled ( second ) because the stomata on the underside of the leaves had opened to allow water vapor to evaporate and cool the leaves..a sure sign the plant neded a drink of water...so despite the rain ( more like a drizzle ) i dumped most of a gallon of water around the base and about fifteen minutes later the curl at the top of the leaf had relaxed and there was a gap opening in the curl lower down the leaf as the plant rehydrated ( third )...along the other side of the bed the jerusalem artichokes ( fourth ) are thriving and will be reaching the three foot mark very soon,...down the beds the asparagus is robust and there is further new growth ( fifth and sixth )...finally, the onion ( seventh and eighth ) has exploded into bloom...seeds next...onion seeds...wondering if they will be as black as ramp seeds...those are working on blooming in the bed out back...more on that in a later post

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