Wednesday, June 7, 2017

vines and stolons with a few stems

back home i had a look around the back yard...the first photo is of the ramp bed a month ago..lots of green...the second is toady..all the green is in the eighteen stems that will hopefully flower as the summer goes on...the teosinte ( fourth and fifth ) at home continues to do well and clearly shows its parentage of maize more and more..the daughter plant in the pot is leafing well ( sixth ) and the stolon ( seventh ) that rooted and created it has moved on to reproduce again...some of the strawberry plants i put in last friday seem very unhealthy...and a few are exhibiting new growth ( eighth and ninth )..all i need is a couple to survive and there will be daughter plants...meanwhile the chinese yam is vining all over..they are entwining with the cage around the pepper plant and with one another...( tenth through thirteenth )...there will be aerial bulbs soon enough.

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