Thursday, June 1, 2017

first day of june out back

first day of the month and a short tramp around some parts of the yard..the top photo is the obligatory tesointe photo ( since it's my blog and my yard )...the mashua blanca in the second photo is a native from a bit farther south in the hemisphere ( we are internationalists ) i am not really sure if the egyptian walking onion in the third photo is from egypt...but it's working on "walking " anyway...the winter rye is flowering cyclically as it comes of age ( fourth ) and the alfalfa is beginning to bloom ( fifth )...another interesting event ( from an internationalist gardening frame of reference ) is going on in the bed at the south side of the house...the seventeen leaves on the broken yam vine are continuing to grow and feed the roots ( sixth )..leaves are not the only growth going on however...i have posted photos ( seventh through twelfth ) of six of the eight new vines that have sprouted from the broken one over the last week...not wasting any time and the plant will put considerable energy into this since it is the beginning of the reproductive best guess is there will be more than eight vines...the one growing out of the base of the old vine ( seventh photo ) is insurance against a break lower down the vine that might do in the seven sprouting higher up..prudent plant..finally the last photo is of a nascent bell pepper...the bloom has been fertilized...there are still pollinators around.

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