Saturday, June 17, 2017

one white flower

the rain that was allegedly on the way disappeared so i went out to campus to water...status quo never fits a garden and things have changed ( however minutely )..the asparagus is looking robust ( first photo ) and the new growth it has is coming along ( second and third )...the jerusalem artichokes are as relentless as ever ( fourth ) and are approaching the two foot mark in height...from all the multiplicity of buds the onion plant uncovered last week ( fifth ) only a solitary white bloom has emerged ( sixth ) hopefully there will be seeds eventually and we can have an allium adventure next year...the die back in the potato patch continues ( seventh and eighth ) although the plants are not quite finished yet...while their season is ending the spuds i planted three weeks ago just down the bed are beginning to leaf ( ninth and tenth ) so we will have spud reports for some time to come...both from campus and the back yard...the carolina horsenettle ( elventh through thirteenth ) continues to show its solanum/nightshade colors and give graphic evidence of its relationship to spuds ( and so tomatoes ) by its startlingly spuddy blooms...finally, the rye someone plucked ( thanks ) is still laying on the ground and is looking ab it is not mature so this seed most likely isn't won't produce volunteer rye fro someone else to do in.

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