Saturday, June 3, 2017


the temperature here today is supposed to be pushing ninety degrees ( fahrenheit ) and there is no rain in the forecast so i took a quick run out to the community garden mostly to add to he rock mulch on the teosinte which i did ( first through sixth photos )...after shot of water yesterday and a coolish evening and night the established teosinte has lost the leaf curl it had developed from transpiration ( seventh )...after i added more rocks to the mulch i watered the plants again in an effort to keep them hydrated through the fact i watered the entire bed for the first time this season...the potatoes ( eighth ) are looking robust and i want to keep them that fact the whole bed looks fairly good ( ninth and tenth ) although i am not very worried about the jerusalem artichokes...the asparagus ( eleventh ) is also prospering and it continues to flower ( twelfth ) the one in the last photo the last of the spears are beginning to "fern"...feeding the roots and reproduction are summer pursuits for spears in the autumn as the weather cools.

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