Sunday, June 18, 2017

dense yellow #2 2017 season

a trip to the supermarket took me by the ironically placed industrial field so i stopped by to have a has been planted in dense yellow #2 which is no looks like standard thirty inch rows ( second photo ) and you can tell it was no til by all the detritus on the surface ( third )including old cobs from 2015 that are still decomposing ( twelve pounds of nitrogen per ton of cobs...they are adding something )..the spacing between plants is erratic at best...ranging from something around two inches to over a foot apart ( fourth through seventh )...purposeful? i doubt it...probably more like mechanical...planter skipping...this was a bean field last can tell that because of the volunteer beans coming up ( eighth and ninth )...another clue to no til as well...i have started some corn in my yard ( tenth )...mostly to compare morphology with the teosinte...these are spaced about three inches apart and, like the corn in the field, will grow quickly...the last two photos are of the same plant yesterday and today...teosinte starts slowly, building a root system to support a large plant and then gains verticality...this stuff hits the ground running...i know which i prefer...
teosinte...hands down.

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