Monday, June 26, 2017

corn sweat II

i work a few miles from the garden and it had rained there this afternoon...still i went to the garden to have a look anyway and it is just as well i did...what i found was some drooping jerusalem artichokes ( first through third photos )...hardy natives, when they begin to droop it is time to water...the teosinte ( four through seven ) was curled from transpiration...another sure sign of the need for i doused the bed with the hose and about fifteen minutes later the curl had vanished ( eight through ten )...a trait the teosinte has passed on to its descendant maize...the spuds that were planted a few weeks ago are coming along ( eleven and twelve ) and the onion is still in full bloom...finally i found some wheat growing at the base of the asparagus...something of a surprise since i can recall only ever having planted winter rye in this garden...perhaps a seed stowed's possible.

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