Friday, June 23, 2017

status quo on campus

there's a season at the community garden...but it is quiet at the real surprises to report...the onion is still blooming ( first photo ) and the three yukon gold potatoes ( second ) still have a way to go...even though it isn't recommended i believe more spuds will be going into the empty space vacated by the reds...there are two new potatoes coming up ( third and fourth ) i will add to the number...the teosinte ( fifth ) is looking much less water stressed after this morning's monsoon corn sweat today...the jerusalem artichokes( sixth ) have hit about three feet...normal stuff there too...the asparagus (seventh ) has settled in or a summer new spear (eighth ) coming along...i am still hopeful that the flowers in the last photo will produce seed this year...i would like to spread some home-grown asparagus around.

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