Wednesday, June 14, 2017

the community garden near mid june

ran out to the community garden after work to check on my has rained last night and more heavily today so watering was not an issue however one of the afternoon storms contained hail and i was concerned...the bed looks robust ( first photo ) always though there are changes..the solitary onion is blooming ( second photo )which contrasts with the fact that some of the potatoes in the potato bed ( third ) are beginning to die back ( fourth and fifth )..soon enough it will be time to consider what to plant after they come in...the lone surviving teosinte plant ( sixth ) sustained no damage and is one of the varieties that continues to show new growth...the robust jerusalem artichokes ( seventh ) all have new growth ( eighth ) and will continue for another month and a half..finally the asparagus has been defying the recent hot weather and i sending up new spears in the shade of the plants...all in all things are good in the garden...the season has a long way to go yet...expect more change.

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