Saturday, June 10, 2017

saturday out back

it is warm here today however that did not negate the fact that there were things to do...the seedless grape vine in the first photo had grown well past the two cables in the has securely anchored itself tot he existing ones ( second and third ) so i added a third cable ( fourth ) and started to train the tendril to attach to it ( fifth )..and, while we are in the subject of vining, the chinese yams are growing almost exponentially ( sixth and seventh ) even entwining around themselves..the eighth photo is of a new leaf on one of the dozen wild strawberry plants that went in a week ago firday...the ninth photo is of a box of spuds and the tenth,eleventh, and twelfth are some of the fifteen as i planted them...bogota market ( thirteenth ) and mashua blanca ( fourteenth ) are all dong well as are the teosinte plants ( fifteenth and sixteenth )...i discovered a wren trying to nest in the bee house and disturbing the cocoons ( seventeenth ) it could squeeze through the chicken wire i had covering the bee house opening so i covered that with finer mesh plastic critter net ( eighteenth )...Jean requested a bird house as an alternative ( ninteeth through twenty-first )so i hung the gourd one i had at the nearly same height as the bee house in a locust tree across the yard...we will see what, if anything, utilizes it...the blue tape is a repair to what would have been a leaky roof

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