Wednesday, June 7, 2017

dry...die growth

ran out to the community garden after work to check on my bed....a mixed bag of news...i fear the replacement teosinte has failed to take and it is one plant will be the lot...and it was seriously curled from transpiration ( first photo )...some water and about fifteen minutes served to unfurl the leaves a bit ( second photo )..even the native jerusalem artichokes looked a dry ( third ) so they were well watered as well..the spuds ( fourth ) looked fine and the sunchokes perked up some after a bit (fifth ) but where was the rye that was there two days ago? not fallen in the natives ( sixth and seventh) some thing ( one ) do it in? nowhere to be first glance the asparagus looked fine( eighth ) but one of the spears has died back ( ninth )...this has been offset by plentiful growth of new spears ( tenth through twelfth )...all the plants are resilient and all should be fine....that asparagus bothers me though.

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