Saturday, April 2, 2016

cold hardy

it was cold at the south end of the inland sea this morning and has remained so...nothing unnatural in that in early april here...fortunatley plants are adapted and what is up out there is either native ( like the ramps in the third photo )or cold hardy like the chives in the second photo...the crocus and garlic cohabiting in the fourth photo will be just fine as will the asparagus in the fifth...they will need to be with strong winds and snow blowing in off the lake all day and into tonight when the low is forecast to be twenty-eight degrees (fahrenheit )...there is frost cloth protecting the wheat bed that jean and i are growing for bread ( and, if there is enough ) and to make some pasta...and while we are talking ( nicely ) about jean, she is having good fortune with peppers in a sunnier clime ( last photo ) i see a nascent pepper, a bloom, and a bud all in this photo...she has a fine touch...i would appreciate it if she would send some more moderate weather this way.

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