Tuesday, May 30, 2017

out back late may

just a short tramp around the yard after i got home...the chinese yam that suffered a broken vine ( first photo ) is showing its invasive resilience and has sprouted a new vine ( second ) which is only the first of several more to come...its dna will not be deterred...the northern tepehuan teosinte( third ) and zea mays parvaglummis ( fourth )plants are samples of the population which is coming along...three beds of spuds ( fifth through seventh ) do not include the plants in containers to those yet to be planted..it will be a tuber bonanza ( i hope )...there is more wheat up than i expected..it seems as if seed i sowed last autumn as part of the winter wheat crop that failed in the bed that now has spuds in it has come up on the periphery of the yard ( eighth ) and it is mostly in full flower ( ninth )...finally there are jerusalem artichokes...more tubers...i am okay with that.

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