Saturday, May 4, 2013

critter net

I spent around thirty-five minutes today putting up some bird netting over the strawberry bed at the iu northwest community garden…there hasn’t been any predation yet and I am planning to keep it that way if i can…I got the materials at the home improvement store down the road and got to campus about nine thirty…by ten fifteen it was up…it isn’t particularly elegant…but it is utilitarian and should preserve the berries from the birds…unfortunately it might also do some in…it is difficult to see ( the bottom photo is actually of the net in place…if you look at the wood sides of the bed you can just make out the grid pattern of the net ) and some may fly into it and become fatally ensnared ( birds are pretty delicate because of the light bones )…a trade-off and one I hope we don’t make very often…slugs and powdery mildew are other issues the berries may face…those won’t have such a simple fix.

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