Saturday, April 16, 2016

asparagus, garlic, carrots....

...and the relentless jerusalem artichokes ( third photo ) are all up and running...some of the garlic that was unmulched last month has issue i have at hone as massive loss as the full bed of garlic is coming along well ( top two photos ) and there will simply be more room to plant something else when the time comes...the third year asparagus is all up ( fourth through sixth photos )..still not ready for harvest until 2018 when it will be five years old...i see no signs of the second year spears yet which is disturbing...we will wait a bit before any judgement on that...the surprise of the day was finding carrots in the biology club bed...they have overwintered unmulched and seem to be the early risers are all accounted we wait for the last average frost date to pass ( may 15th ) and then the warmer weather crops can go in...although a spud or two may yet find their way into my bed.

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