Sunday, April 24, 2016

wheat and potatoes

i have a few potato plants under the lights that are seriously pot bound and desperately unhappy...they have been down there for a number of weeks, and while there is still a chance of frost to be faced, it had become a matter of plant of i planted...a couple of german butterballs ( top two photos ) an early blue ( third and fourth )...and the smaller huaycu that was hardening off on the deck...i wouldn't call it desperate...not yet anyway...just necessary...there is good progress over in the wheat bed...beyond the coleoptile tillers, the wheat has begun to develop tillers growing from auxiliary buds along the main stems now that many of the plants have four has obviously been cool enough to stimulate tiller growth ( something i was concerned about...i am at the southern end of the area in the state where spring wheat is a viable corp ( the other wheat crops i have grown for actual use have been winter wheat and that is where we will be going in the autumn with this bed ) and so it is something of a relief to see tillers popping out in such far so good but there is along way to go before blue potatoes to ship off, cottage fries, and bread from scratch for Jean and me...stay tuned.

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