Wednesday, April 13, 2016

ramps and wheat

i have two beds of ramps out back...the plants in the top photo were planted as year old root stock in the autumn of 2014 and had a full season last year making this their third...the plants in the second two photos are year old root stock i planted last autumn so they are embarking on their second season...the older ramps came up later and have three leaves rather than one or two.. ,a clear indication of what an additional, uninterrupted, year of root growth will do for the plants...they will not be harvested at all again this year but i am seriously hoping they will begin bunching so i can separate them and expand the population into a sustainable harvested the meantime the wheat bed is moving along and almost all the plants have produced a true leaf and now the hope is for masses of tillering to fill the bed..the weather is still cool but i am not certain it will remain so long enough to encourage tillering..we will see.

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