Tuesday, April 19, 2016

tendrils and tillers

there are winter vetch tendrils all over the green manure patch and as the winter vetch pulls itself up towards sunlight they have found the winter rye...hitching a ride as the fast growing grass heads upwards...soon enough there will be vetch blooms and rye seed heads...and lots of nitrogen as the former potato patch rests for a third year...this fall green manures will go into the potato patch i planted last sunday as it begins a rest...next spring this patch will be mowed and turned under prior to planting as spuds make a return to the area...over in the wheat bed many of the plants have deployed a third leaf and i am seeing coleoptile tillers growing out of the bases of many...good news...more seed heads for the "bread from scratch" project Jean and i have going on...a natural sourdough starter and non-rectangular loves on tap in a few months if all goes well...the season's moving tight along.

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