Saturday, April 30, 2016

the nexus shifts

i live in a borderland that is ill defined and shifting...true the shift has slowed in recent years but there are some signs of change out there...the utility power sub-station encroaching on the grain bin's turf s one...and, while the road to nowhere still leads to a dead end, across the street there is movement...the banks have involved themselves and there is building afoot...just beyond the skeleton of the chiropractic practice's new home you can clearly see a farm field...and, if you look closely, in the distance the farm house and out buildings under the cell phone tower...the last photo strikes me as the most telling sign of invasive suburbia...there is nothing like television to isolate us form nature and one another...and there it is...more news from the front as it develops...that road to nowhere behind the big box stores has to lead to somewhere eventually

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