Saturday, April 30, 2016

critter net

the wheat bed looks a bit beaten down recently and while i am not entirely sure of why i decided to take some defensive with about twenty bucks worth of materials and a bit of time i installed a critter net around the bed...not so much to stop something from eating the grass...nothing much will evince any interest until seed heads form and ripen and then starlings will be the bigger problem...but to stop critters from walking across it or, worse yet, the cat deciding it would make a comfy bed for her while she is out oh one of her feral killing i pounded some tomato stakes int the ground around the bed and and anchored the to screws i put in the frame with garden twine...then i zip-tied some netting around the is a bit more than three feet high and should discourage critters while leaving me access to the bed and the tops of the ,stakes will do to festoon bird tape from as the wheat ripens..minimal work and temporary...nothing is permanent out there...not even the trees...we'll get to that in a later post...for now i think we're good on the wheat.

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