Saturday, April 30, 2016

mashua, nasturtiums, and yacon

mother's day is next weekend and there are no frost producing lows forecast for th enext week so i decided it was time ot move past spuds and plant some other andean tubers...the last time i cracked open the vegetable crisper i had lost some mashua...not so today ...the bogota market and peru white were solid as could be and the mashua tubers i harvested from my garden last autumn have held up even better ( they have also been in there longer )so i prepared some containers and markers for the bogota market and peru white and planted the all along with a handful of nasturtium seeds in each container...the flowers and the tubers are cousins and should get on just fine and i will enjoy peppery flowers and tubers as the season goes on...the yacon in the crisper molded rather badly and some of the fruit was soft and slimy...i washed the tubers and cut out the bad parts and planted them as well...i have one yacon plant already outside and four more in the basement waiting, however i would like to see these produce as well since i am trying to expand my population...if they fail it won't be a ruined season...i won't be especially happy either...more as they all come up ( or don't )

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