Wednesday, April 27, 2016

spud news

the first of the potato tubers i planted ten days ago is up...i did not mark all of them because 1) i was really only concerned about the locations of the blues and the new varieties from the usda, and 2) they will all be identified ( and eaten ) at harvest the top photo could be of a red pontiac , or a german butterball, or an all red...choose your favorite...ot os surely a can tell by the leaves...the wheat has topped the frame of the bed...eight inches tall or so in thirty-three far it is fine and, gratifyingly, the plants continue to tiller...the bed will fill in nicely if all continues to go well...the second year ramps are booming along as well...hoping for both blooms and bunching...and seeds if something doesn't browse them again...finally the green manure bed is also liking the spring zealand white cover, winter vetch, and winter rye all coming along...they will be blooming and going to seed soon enough...a local source of green manures to spread around...more spuds goin gin this coming weekend and tesointe as well probably...then on to may and another stab at feeding maize to the squirrels and in june...bees! we have barely started.

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