Sunday, April 10, 2016

wheat weather

Jean and i are still in the bread business...i covered the wheat bed friday evening because there was snow in the forecast and, sure enough, saturday morning we were covered in two senses...this morning it is 37 degrees ( faherenheit ) and the bed is open and we still have wheat seedlings...they are fairly cold hardy and actually need cooler temperatures to stimulate tillering...a tiller is a kind of stolon which can produce its own roots, leaves, and seed head...i was five days late getting this bed planted but the weather has cooperated with me and we could see a much fuller bed than the initial seedling count would indicate...which would translate into more bread at the end of the season...the ramps and the asparagus sloughed off the snow and moved on so there will be more than wheat out there...however what is good for the wheat is causing some issues in the spud world...i have two plants that are producing multiple rhizomes ( or what would be rhizomes if they were in the ground instead of peat pots )...i see the potential there for many tubers but the weather will not permit me to plant them yet...the frustration is me and the plant...a zea report in a bit.

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