Sunday, April 17, 2016

planting spuds

in a move that may shock some and gratify others i have decided to do away with jerusalem artichokes in the bed on the south side of the house this year and plant a bed of spuds instead ( that i would plant spuds should surprise no can also see by the first two photos i have any number that needed to be planted ) i prepared the bed with a few bags of topsoil and a few more bags of compost and had at it...papa chonca, early gem, crozon rosado, and nevskii...all government potatoes, went in first ( in the fourth though seventh photos )...then some early blue and elmer's blue followed by the standards such as german butterball and red pontiac..i also planted some tubers that came from plants i grew from true seed ( tenth photo ) this will be the third generation of clones from those true seed plants...hopefully they will be a bit bigger this time around...i'd like to ample one instead of continually saving them as is time to start preparing for leaf cutter bees too...i have some alfalfa growing out back but alfalfa is auto toxic and i cannot seed the patch with i will container grow some and place it near the bee house for convenient access...the outdoor season is taking hold...there will be more reports as things liven up.

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