Monday, April 4, 2016

early spring

it snowed here saturday...and it was sixty-six degrees ( fahrenheit..what? about eighteen celsius? )..and when i got home from work and went out to take these photos before i covered the beds ( twenties forecast for tonight ) there were flurries out there...shcizo weather at the south end of the inland sea..but it is still early april...what else would you expect? the good news is the spring wheat needs the cold to stimulate tillering so it has come at a fortuitous time...there were quite a few germinated seeds earlier in the week and today there are shoots popping up all over the the bread from "scratch" project jean and i are working on is progressing well so far...i an looking forward to a good wheat season and have prepared bird defenses to deploy as the grain ripens...i will hold off the starlings even if i have to net the wheat...the ramps are booing..forty-five up now and that is closing in on the entire planted population plus the ones from last year...something browsed the only seeds the single plant that flowered produced last season...hoping for more seeds this year..hoping for bunching too...i would like to fill the beds and move some itno the "wild" directly under the trees...we will be seeing how that works will be summer...eventually...right now all you get is cold hardy...hang on..we are just getting started.

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