Saturday, April 23, 2016

green manures and perennials

from the looks of things the winter rye and the green manures in the beds at the community garden are going to have to be mowed and turned under in the next few weeks, irregardless of when planting day is...they will be developing seed heads soon and if i wait too long all that i will do is reseed the bed with rye...if you didn't know better you'd think that rye was all there was in these beds...but it is just a reservoir for the excess nitrogen the winter vetch in the second photo and the alfalfa in the third are putting into the soil...all that will be turned under to provide nutrients for the crops and organic matter to keep the earthworms happy...there are crops already in..the garlic that managed to overwinter is fine ( fourth photo ) and, as usual, the jerusalem artichokes in the fifth photo are already out of control...there will be extensive excavations there soon enough...i was pleased to find all the third year asparagus up ( photos six through nine ) and more than a bit relieved to find the second year perennials up as well ( photos ten through twelve )...we need some perennials...they are beneficial in many ways to the garden, the climate, and to us...don't let the filled in look of the garden in the last photo deceive you ...much of that will be gone shortly...mowed and turned under to make way for food worries will fill in again.

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