Saturday, April 2, 2016

small harvest

if those top two photos aren't teosinte ( the same plant..yesterday and today ) then i don't know what is...this one germinated a few weeks ago and i planted it last week...there are more in baggies just about ready to plant so i do believe my teosinte season is secure...they will be planted and moved outdoors soon enough...there are still robust potato plants under the lights german butterballs and early blue in that order..and while we are talking early blue, one of the plants had reached its end and when i popped the root ball up there were four tubers to harvest...not extraordinarily large but they will produce much larger tubers when they are planted as seed outside later this month...if there's any luck there will be fruits as far early blue is the most prolific fruit producing variety i have grown...i am not sure where this stands in the number of generations of early blue i have grown from the original clones i got from the usda...i will have to mine the notebooks or the blog to get a handle on that...i am rather must be at least the sixth if not more

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