Sunday, May 19, 2013

a blue day at the iuncg

sixty percent of the hopi blue maize i planted at the community garden on the tenth of this month is up...what is exciting for me is that four of the six are from seed i grew in the pgp last year and that have proved's always good to produce a second generation through seed saving and it is a fairly good way to express discontent with the likes of monsanto....if the other four succeed in coming up all ten that i planted will be in the bed along with the "wild and weedy" ancestor teosinte...morphology in one bed...the potatoes are up and running along with their new kohlrabi neighbor, so, like all the other seasons i am involved in, this one is doing well's early yet in a long season that won't end until november because there are perennials here now ( and at least one more to come )and they will keep you working when the annuals have moved on to their reward.

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