Saturday, May 11, 2013

back at the pgp

i was out on campus today for the third day in a row ( because there's quite a b it to do )...mostly because i needed to start a trellis for the chinese is about two feet tall and a second one is about eighteen inches...the taller one ( there are actually four ) has been searching for something to latch on to as it seeks altitude so i drove in a stake and wrapped it around...the other taller one refused the help and unwrapped itself...but it is in vain since there is nothing taller than the stake to wrap will return eventually...the traditional yam bed is still bereft of plant life and so i am thinking the rodents eliminated them last autumn...if the bulbs have produced a vine ready to climb a trellis surely four year old roots would have as well...the intermediate wheat grass is doing fine and is expanding its all perennials it is invasive to some degree and will need to be controlled...perhaps combined into a single bed this coming fall...until then it is pretty much free to roam the garden as far as the other plants will allow...the teosinte is already looking fairly corny ( like something out of a thomas hart benton painting...gotta love regionalists ) after about ten days or so...and while we're talking zea i planted some hopi blue maize along the edges ( not too close to compromise lawn mower safety ) so there should be a zea domesticate in the garden has cooled off a bit here and i don't suppose there will be much maize movement either in the pgp or the iuncg before the end of the's early days bit the season is underway and coming along...four yams, twenty-nine potatoes ( in three gardens ), sturdy asparagus, strawberries, turnips, and teosinte all running...kohlarabi, peppers, squash, cucumbers, and maize yet to start...more as it comes up.

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