Monday, May 6, 2013

early may in the pgp

went to check on the wheat grass and teosinte in the pgp yesterday and all is well ( and the gardener is still completely geeked at a third season…you’ll be hearing this a lot )…the garden is coming alive as the intermediate wheat grass from kansas has really begun to take off, leaving me wondering just how tall it will be…lots of asparagus too…ten spears up ( after the five that have already been harvested ) so the population may be a fair haul this week for someone…if i can find anyone on campus to share with now that the semester is done )…chinese yams have made an appearance…but not in the spot they were last season…I begin to think that whatever burrowed in there last autumn did the old growth in and that these are from a couple of rouge bulbs i missed during last fall’s collection…they can stay ( i really like the vines and the foliage in the garden ) but any more rouges will have to be culled…so the pgp is in fine shape…once again i was on campus when true green was dumping 10-10-40 fertilizer on the lawn…the lone worker greeted me with “you must be the garden guy” and i admitted to it…he told me he had tried to stay “three or four” feet away with the nitrates because Diane Cutler ( who is still missed and who was always so very generous and supportive of the pgp…the garden has suffered some horrible losses among its staunchest supporters in its few years…friends like her and Kathy Forgey are few and far between…which isn’t to say the garden has no friends on campus today…Mik Stokely and Ellen Szarleta leap to mind…i hope ) told him that the point was to keep the plot as organic as humanly possible….an aim from the get-go and still a philosophical underpinning of the whole project…things are going well so far… a good omen for the rest of the season…more as it comes up.

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