Saturday, May 18, 2013


the bed at the iuncg that was planted with peppers wasn't sprouting anything but weeds so i went out to campus early this morning ( about 6:30 ) to see what could be done...i turned the bed under and established three compost hills on the north side...i planted five cucumber seeds in each hill ( second photo ) and now we wait to see if all of them germinate...traditional wisdom says three plants to a hill so there may be some thinning to do...i took a handful of pepper seeds ( third photo ) and planted them in a row down the center of the bed...i have clumsy fingers and dropped a few so there may be thinning going on there as well...finally along the south edge of the bed i planted kohlrabi ( yes i cheated and transplanted them but i could not locate the seeds had and i was at the garden center [it starts early too] to pickup compost and some other supplies so i bought nine plants ) so now there's another wait...they say gardening teaches patience...i am learning...but ever so slowly

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