Sunday, May 19, 2013


if you enlarge the top photo you just might see the intermediate wheat grass from kansas starting to flower...i don't seem to be able to get my camera to see them in a close tends to focus in on the leaves around and behind the flowers leaving them a blur...distance seems to be my friend here...on the whole the iwg is looking as strong as the rest of the is over eighteen inches tall now and growing like grass in spring...only one plant is flowering so far but another form the same accession isn't far behind...i have to think the grasses from the other two accessions will flower close together as well but i have been mistaken before...the chinese yams that have replaced the destroyed old growth roots are doing well...vineing across the trellis to the extent that i am not sure if it will be large enough...some sort of expansion may be in order...the bottom photo is the pgp about eight o'clock this morning...things are good so far.

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